Ever wonder exactly what we do at Darrell Castle & Associates?

We practice bankruptcy and personal injury law. But what does that entail? We’ve outlined some of our practice areas below in layman’s terms. If you have any additional questions about our work, you can always contact us.


    • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – allows you to keep your home and protects you from creditors
    • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – helps you get a totally fresh start when debt has you swamped


Personal Injury:

    • Medical Malpractice – for when doctors or hospitals have injured you by being negligent or irresponsible
    • Nursing Home / Elder Abuse & Neglect – for the mistreatment of seniors and elderly loved ones
    • Dangerous Drugs – claims against drug companies if you have been injured by an unsafe medicine
    • Car, Truck and Motorcycle Accidents – when you’ve been in an accident that wasn’t your fault
    • Premises Liability – for injuries on someone else’s property because of their negligence
    • Wrongful Death – for when someone is killed due to another person’s bad behavior
    • Spinal Cord and Brain Injury – for huge lifestyle changes and increased costs due to spinal or brain injuries that weren’t the victim’s fault
    • Dog and other Animal Attacks – for when someone else’s animal causes bodily harm
    • Product Liability – for when a manufacturing problem causes injuries

Social Security Disability:

    • for people who have applied once for social security and been denied; representation through the appeals process

Workers’ Compensation:

    • help in filing a successful Worker’s Comp. claim