Why you shouldn’t be too embarrassed or ashamed to file for bankruptcy

By: Darrell Castle

Does the thought of filing for bankruptcy embarrass you? Are you ashamed of the position you’ve gotten yourself into? Are you disappointed?

I’ve seen all of these emotions result in a barrier that stops people from filing. I’ve also seen many of the same people so ashamed of their debt that they wait and wait to file, hoping it’ll fix itself or that their job will come back, but it doesn’t, and the debt gets so high that their embarrassment turns into urgency to get rid of it. But, a bankruptcy protects those accounts!

However, their embarrassment and reluctancy to file for bankruptcy results in more debt that they often times liquidate and lose their retirement accounts trying to resolve.

Don’t let this happen to you. Don’t let the shame of your debt keep you from filing for bankruptcy. Honestly, don’t be ashamed or embarrassed at all! Things happen and we learn from them – there should be no shame in that.

If you’re in debt and can’t pay your bills, don’t let shame keep you from speaking to a bankruptcy attorney. And I know what you’re thinking – “Darrell, YOU’RE a bankruptcy attorney; of course you want me to do that so you can profit from it.”

No, YOU can profit from speaking to a bankruptcy attorney instead of waiting until it’s too late and the debt has increased. The sooner you look the problem in the eyes and do something about it, the sooner you’ll be able to enjoy a debt free life with financial flexibility.

Don’t let debt and embarrassment enslave you. Take control of your finances and life by speaking to an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

You can set up a free consultation with one of our attorneys by calling (901) 327-2100 or filling out one of the contact forms on this page.

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Don’t be embarrassed, get help.