You can put a stop to the pesky calls from bill collectors

By: Darrell Castle

If you’re behind on your bills then you’re probably familiar with annoying and frustrating calls from bill collectors at all times of the day and night.

They’ll call you when you wake up. They’ll wake you up! They’ll call you at work. They’ll call you when you’re trying to enjoy dinner with your family. They’ll call you when you’re trying to relax and watch TV. They’ll call you WHENEVER they feel like it, and they’ll do it often.

Have you had enough yet? There’s a way to get them to stop.

The obvious answer here would be to pay your bills. However, if you could pay your bills, then you wouldn’t be dealing with these pesky calls!

A bankruptcy is a great solution for getting yourself out of debt.

By filing for bankruptcy, you can either discharge your debt through a Chapter 7, or lump all of your debt into a 3-5 year affordable payment plan through a Chapter 13. Once the bankruptcy process is completed, you’re free from that debt with financial freedom and cash flow. This is your chance to get back on your feet!

And the beauty of a bankruptcy is, once you’ve filed, all of those nasty creditor phone calls must cease! If you receive any, you just turn them over to your attorney.

There’s certain things creditors can and can’t do. However, people often do things they aren’t supposed to, including the creditors, so you owe it to yourself to know what they CAN’T do so you can stop putting up with it. I’ve created a free report, Creditors Can’t Do That to help you with this.

Do you want to end these pesky creditor calls once and for all? Speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney about your financial situation.

My firm, Darrell Castle & Associates, has a strong history of helping people get out of debt. We take pride in providing aid to people in hard times, and our multiple Client Distinction Awards from Martindale-Hubbel for client satisfaction proves how far we’ll go to make that happen.

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