Do you have a disability of some kind that is keeping you from working or holding you back from earning a sufficient income? If that’s the case, you should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) if you haven’t already.

However, it’s important to make sure you have all of the necessary documentation if you want your application to be successful. SSDI applications can be denied for several reasons, one of which does include a lack of proper medical records.

Other reasons include:

  • you’ve been denied SSDI before
  • failure to follow the doctor’s orders
  • you make too much money
  • failure to cooperate with the Social Security Administration

If you’re unfortunate enough, for one reason or another, to be denied SSDI, we understand how frustrated and stressed you may be. You thought this could be your means to providing sufficient or supplemental income to help you (and maybe your family) live, but now you’ve lost hope.

But you shouldn’t lose hope, because you’re not alone for two different reasons.

  1. up to 70% of initial SSDI claims are denied
  2. you can appeal the denial with an experienced Social Security Disability attorney in your corner

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we’ve worked with disabled people frustrated by the SSDI process and we take pride in helping these people receive the money they deserve. It’s recommended to speak with a long term disability lawyer Memphis, TN families trust to learn about applying for social security disability benefits.

Take a look at our free report, Your Survival Guide to the Disability Appeals Process. This report will help you better understand your options and how easy the appeals process can be with an experienced attorney by your side.

If you’ve been denied SSDI, or if you have any questions, please give us a call at (901) 327-1212 or contact us online, and one of our experienced Memphis personal injury attorneys will be ready to speak with you free of charge about your situation. And call quick because you only have 60 days to appeal the decision!