No text message is important enough to compromise your safety. According to recent research, distracted driving causes as many as one in four traffic-related deaths and injuries. The Tennessee Department of Safety reported more than 5,000 accidents involving distracted drivers in 2013. (For comparison, there were 730 accidents involving drunk drivers in Shelby County.)

Texting while driving isn’t just dangerous — it’s illegal in many states, including Tennessee. But somehow, the dangers and the law aren’t enough to stop many drivers from risking an accident. It isn’t just young drivers, either; a recent study found that an alarming number of parents are guilty of texting while driving.

A recent study from Pennsylvania, led by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, found that half of parents use cell phones — while driving children. A third said they read text messages, and a lower percentage — one in seven — admitted to actually checking social media when transporting kids.

These statistics are reflective of nationwide trends; 760 adults from 47 states were surveyed. The study focused on cell phone use that directly harms children’s safety: participants were all over 18 and either parents or routine caregivers who had recently driven children between 4 and 10 years old.

Those who know me know that I vehemently oppose reckless driving, including the use of cell phones. It’s never too late to make a change for the better, so if you’ve texted or taken a phone call in the past, consider using one of these apps to avoid the behavior going forward.

– AT&T DriveMode is a free app that limits features on your phone while you drive. It can silence incoming alerts and calls so you can stay focused.
– is an app that reads incoming calls, texts, or emails out loud to eliminate the urge to grab your phone and take your eyes off of the road.

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