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There are some jobs that, by their very nature, require you to work in dangerous situations. Construction, factory work, carpentry, moving services – these always involve a lot of risk.

But employers can’t put you in a risky situation just because they’re too lazy or stubborn to make the workplace safe.

For example, an employer should never make you use equipment that’s faulty or needs repair. If parts are broken, they should fix the equipment before expecting you to work with it.

Employers also have to fix chemical leaks or other toxic problems that might put employees at risk. They have to fix any fire hazards. They have to provide protective gear when necessary and show that they’ve ensured your safety as much as possible.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always what happens. A lot of employers cut corners when it comes to safety and even ignore warnings or citations. When accepting workers’ compensation for a significant injury, consider consulting a seasoned workers’ compensation lawyer Memphis, TN workers trust to learn about how you can maximize the benefits you’re eligible for.

If you’ve been injured in a workplace accident, the best thing you can do is talk with a workers’ comp attorney about your situation.

On-the-job injuries are hard enough as it is; but when the employer made you do something unsafe it can be even more angering. We take that burden off your shoulders and help you get the compensation you need. Wouldn’t that be better?

As a workers’ comp lawyer in Memphis, I know all about the rules for employers and how the new workers’ comp laws in Tennessee could affect you. When we sit down to discuss your case (at no cost to you, of course) I’ll walk you through your options and help you move forward.

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