Social Security LawyerCan Working Part-Time Affect My  Social Security Disability Claim?

Are you receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or considering applying for it, and do you have a part-time job? You may worry this could affect your claim or lead to you being denied. In fact, a lot of people miss out on income because they don’t understand how disability benefits work. As a result, they struggle more than necessary to make ends meet.

Here’s what you need to know about working part-time and Social Security Disability.

The Rules on Working Part-Time and Receiving Social Security Disability

You can work part-time and receive SSDI. You just have to earn below a certain amount set every year by the SSA. They call this maximum amount “substantial gainful activity.”

They keep this number on their website, so you can always check it to stay under the limit. However, you make any money over that maximum, and you may lose disability.

Social Security Disability LawyerWhat About Other Forms of Income?

It’s possible to receive SSDI along with other income. In fact, you can receive disability along with:

  • state benefits through unemployment programs, disability retirement programs and civil service disability compensation
  • employer insurance policies
  • private pension or insurance policies
  • workers’ compensation
  • Medicare
  • veterans benefits

However, retirement benefits such as regular Social Security will cancel out any SSDI benefits you receive.

What to Do If Denied

It’s easy to see how applying for SSDI can be a very difficult task involving many details and situations.

If you apply for SSDI and have been denied, just remember that it’s very common.  Up to 70% of initial claims are denied nationwide.  This means that more than half of claims get turned down each day!

If you’ve been denied SSDI for any reason, or know someone who has, please download our free report, Your Survival Guide to the Disability Appeals Process. We wrote this report to help you understand your options and see how easy the appeals process can actually be.

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