If you’ve been involved in a car accident or personal injury settlement, you may find it’s very hard to pay it off at the same time as your other bills. These settlements can be very expensive, and even making regular payments might be too much a burden. 

The good news is you can usually include personal injury settlements in bankruptcy. And I can help: Our personal injury attorneys know that side of the law inside and out, so if you’re looking to include an accident settlement in your bankruptcy, we’re the ones to call.

One other thing: here in Tennessee, if you cause an accident but you can’t afford to pay (for example, if you don’t have insurance), your driver’s license can be suspended until you pay off the debt. But if you don’t have a car, how can you get to work to make money to pay the debt? Fortunately, bankruptcy can prevent you from losing your license in this situation, or even help you get it back if it’s suspended.

I should add there may be a few exceptions, including accidents caused by drunk driving. If that’s the case, we can talk with you about those exceptions and help you figure out solutions that work for you and your situation. Taking care of your other debts usually makes it much easier to pay off larger bills, and we’ve helped thousands of people across Memphis and the Mid-South do exactly that. 

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