A car accident itself may last only a few seconds. But as a car accident Memphis lawyer, I know the pain and suffering after a car crash can last much longer, sometimes even a lifetime.

A lot of folks have questions about why they’re in so much pain after a car crash, especially after a seemingly minor fender bender. Every car accident is unique, and so are every victim’s injuries and recovery. Some people have a straightforward path back to their pre-crash levels of health and wellness, but some people experience chronic pain that lingers for months or even years after a wreck.

What is chronic pain?

Approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. It’s defined by pain that lasts longer than 3, 6, or 12 months. It can arise as the result of an illness, but frequently the cause is an injury. Symptoms, frequency, and intensity vary: Sometimes the pain is manageable, and other times it can be excruciating.

But regardless of the form chronic pain takes, it requires constant management that can turn into endless medical bills and a heavy emotional toll. If you are suffering from chronic pain after a car accident, even if the accident was minor, you may be entitled to compensation.

Common types of chronic pain

Chronic headaches
More than 50% of adults in America experience headaches, but a chronic headache occurs for at least 15 days a month for three months or more. A car accident can cause different types of chronic headaches: whiplash headaches, post-concussive migraines, post-traumatic headaches, spasm headaches, fracture headaches, and pinched nerve headaches.

Chronic joint pain
Accidents can also be the cause of joint disease, which may not be detectable right away. Severe injuries can lead to osteoarthritis — a joint disease that causes pain and inflammation of joints. About 12% of all osteoarthritis cases are caused by accidents.

Chronic back pain
One of the most common forms of chronic pain is chronic back pain. It can occur due to natural causes, like aging and poor posture, but it is often caused by a car accident. For example, if you fracture a vertebra in an accident, you may still experience pain after it’s healed. Unfortunately, back pain is one of the most common reasons car accident victims miss work.

Chronic nerve pain
Any nerve damage can be quite severe. Nerves are responsible for movement and your overall organ function. There are different types of nerve damage from accidents. Some of the most common come from whiplash or lacerations.

Chronic pain sufferers can face an uphill battle 

Living with chronic pain is challenging and often emotionally draining. It’s heartbreaking when you can’t do the things you used to enjoy. If your chronic pain was caused by an accident, you deserve to claim for financial losses for the pain you’ve endured. But without the help of an experienced car accident lawyer, chronic pain sufferers usually face an uphill battle when it comes to compensation.

This is because it can be difficult to prove the underlying cause or severity of these injuries. Also, victims may be accused of faking or exaggerating as diagnostic tests are limited in confirming these conditions. Those suffering from chronic pain related to a car accident often face attacks on their credibility, making a legal battle very stressful. The good news is that you don’t have to fight this battle alone.

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