What happens when your truck or car accident is caused by a road defect? Memphis car accident lawyer Darrell Castle explains what might count as a poorly maintained or defective road.

What happens when a road defect causes my car or truck accident?

In a car or truck accident with a road defect, if a road defect causes the accident then perhaps you have a case against the road builder or the designer of the road, or something else.

There are so many things that make up the term “defective road.” It could be a stop sign that was allowed to lean forward or backward so that it could not be seen and the driver ran a stop sign – or any other type of traffic signal like that’s not maintained. Perhaps there’s a red light issue where the light is not maintained and it’s not functioning or something like that.

And then you have other things where the actual road itself is defectively designed to allow improper traffic entry into interstate highways. If it becomes necessary to pursue a lawsuit, a car accident lawyer Memphis, TN community members rely on from Darrell Castle & Associates can help.

Your attorneys have probably seen cases like that, so it’s something you should talk to an attorney about to get his opinion on whether or not your case is one that should go forward on that type of issue.

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