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What to do if you’re in a car accident in Memphis

By: Darrell Castle

Video Transcript 

Connie was hit in a car accident that wasn’t her fault. Injured and frustrated, she comes in and talks to Darrell.

“Connie, thanks for coming in. You did the right thing by coming in to see me. Anytime you’ve been in an auto accident, once you’ve gotten medical treatment, you look at the facts of that accident and you don’t feel like the accident was your fault. You always need to go and see a lawyer because you just might never know what will happen.

Things that are necessary to make an auto case successful are, first of all, you have to get the medical treatment that you need. You have to follow your doctor’s advice, you have to keep your medical appointments so that you can recover from your injury in the fastest time possible because completion of your case can’t really start until you’re fully recovered. We can’t really start until we know you aren’t injured anymore – until you reach what the doctors call “maximum medical improvement,” and that you don’t have some nagging injury that’s going to continue to flare up. Those things need to be resolved so we can bring your case to a conclusion and we know – and we can estimate its value – once we know what your injuries were and how long you’re going to have to be off work.

If you ask me right now “how much is my case worth?” then I will tell you right now that I don’t really know because whatever I tell you is probably wrong because I don’t know the total extent of your injuries – only your doctor can determine that. I don’t know how much time you’re going to miss off work, and of course the pain and suffering factors among other things – property damage that you had and things like that are all factors in consideration of what your case is worth.

Some of the things we have to prove. The first thing is – what happened? Whose fault was it? Where is the negligence? In your case, it’s pretty obvious – somebody ran into the back of your vehicle. The cause of the accident in your case is obvious but most of the time it’s not. It’s a little more questionable than that and you need witnesses and things like that to prove liability, which is a lawyers word to prove what caused the accident – who’s responsible?

In your case, as I said, it’s pretty obvious who’s responsible for causing the accident because he ran into the back of your car and that’s unlawful because you have to pay attention and you have to stop and you can’t just hit people.

The next questions is, were you injured? And the answer to that is obviously “yes.” You went to the hospital and got treated and you’re still getting outpatient treatment and seeing your doctor and so forth.

The next question is – is there enough money to pay for the damage that this driver caused? In other words – who has the insurance? Is insurance really necessary? Well no, it’s not really necessary.

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