Should you always talk to your own insurance company after a car accident? What if the accident was your fault or there are other problematic details, like the involvement of an uninsured motorist? In this video, Memphis car accident lawyer Darrell Castle discusses communication with your insurance company after a car crash.

Should I always contact my own insurance company after a car accident?


Yes you should always contact your insurance company after an accident. A car accident lawyer Memphis, TN victims turn to from Darrell Castle & Associates can represent you in dealing with the insurance adjuster. If the accident was your fault, they have a right to know about it so they can fix the other driver’s car or take care of his injuries or whatever it might be.

But the main reason to contact your insurance company is that it may jeopardize your own coverage if you don’t. They have a right to know that you had an accident and what happened. If you don’t report it, or you report it late, it could cause you problems.

Now one word of caution: if you have an uninsured motorist claim – in other words, you were injured in the accident by another driver who was not insured, then your own company’s uninsured coverage is going to come into play and possibly be liable for your injuries. And that might put you in an adversarial position with your own company, so that’s something you need to talk to a lawyer about. You certainly want to report it to them, but before you give them a statement, you might want to talk to your attorney.

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