When a Car Crashes Into a Building

As a Memphis car accident lawyer, I often talk about what to do when a car crashes into another car. But what if the car crashes into a building?

Back in 2013, an accident in Kansas City broke my heart. Fortunately, the terrible event could have been a lot worse, according to authorities.

A car barreled into the side of Christian Academy Child Care, where 40 children were present inside. A Range Rover hit a parked Cadillac so hard, it threw the entire car into the building. The scene looked incredibly gruesome, but hardworking rescuers helped make sure there were no casualties.

Authorities believe the children were napping when the crash occurred. Among the 40 children at the center, 2 children were pinned under a car and a third was also injured.

But rescuers managed to save them in time: Firefighters freed the first child, and an off-duty police employee freed the other with the help of some civilians. The Range Rover driver was also taken to the hospital with injuries.

As a parent, I can’t imagine the fear those mothers and fathers must have felt when they were contacted. It seems miraculous that no lives were lost. Hopefully the story can serve as a reminder to us all of how precious every day is with our children, and how much we owe the heroes who help us keep them safe.

Memphis Car Crash Lawyer

When a car crashes into a building, the insurance can get complicated. The Kansas City story involved multiple cars, various injuries, and an uncertain cause.

Even with small crashes, you should never go it alone. But with big crashes like this, you need an experienced Memphis car accident lawyer to help you as soon as possible.

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