Car Accident Attorney

Each year, cars are released to the market with newer and improved safety features than the year before. Car accidents are traumatic events that can leave accident victims picking up the pieces for years to come. In fact, according to the CDC, in 2013 alone there were more than 32,000 fatalities that resulted from car accidents. Facing injuries that are from a car accident can be life altering. Although safety features can certainly reduce the risk of an accident, or at least mitigate injuries, the unexpected can still occur. Here are some safety features some vehicles today are equipped with:


Airbags became standard in all vehicles in 1998. Airbags are triggered by sensors when cars experience impact and have the ability to save lives when faced with a car accident. Today, airbags are so advanced that they are able to sense the size, positioning and weight of a driver or passenger. This is all in an effort to minimize the potential injury that an airbag can cause.

Lane Departure Warnings

Some cars come equipped with sensors that are able to identify when you are drifting into other lanes without your turn signal on. Unfortunately, with so many distractions on the road, this has the ability to warn a distracted or drowsy driver from drifting into another lane.

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control uses computerized technology to help manage the cars movements. This technology can help to maneuver the vehicle in efforts to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle. This system has sensors throughout the vehicle to monitor:

  • Wheel Speed
  • Sideways Motion
  • Turning
  • Braking

ESC has the ability to help drivers to prevent vehicle rollovers, a common type of accident that can occur when turns are taken too fast.

Heads Up Display (HUD)

Heads up displays are a technology featured in newer motor vehicle models. Heads up displays can also be purchased and installed in cars that aren’t equipped with this technology. The heads up display can project navigation, music, and phone calls onto a display on the vehicle’s dashboard. Heads up displays can reduce distractions by giving a driver the ability to gather necessary information, like navigation while driving.

Brake Assist

Brake assist is a feature that can identify when a driver is braking hard. This allows brake assist to engage and apply maximum pressure to the brakes. Ultimately giving the vehicle the ability to brake in the shortest distance possible.

Forward Collision Warning Systems

Some vehicles have the ability to detect potential dangers that lie in the driver’s path. Forward collision warning systems utilize cameras and sensors to scan and alert drivers. This feature often uses an auditory cue to notify drivers and in some case, may even have the capability to apply the brakes of the vehicle.

Despite the advancements in safety features available in vehicles today, an accident can still occur. Leaving an accident victim experiencing extreme losses. A car accident attorney Des Moines, IA offers can help you to feel whole again after an accident. They may be able to help you reach a resolution by carefully reviewing your case, assigning proper value to your case and negotiating with insurance companies. Don’t let the driver who was at fault walk away without paying for the losses you have experienced.

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