Whatever you believe about schools spanking children in the past, the punishment some schools are using today may be much, much worse.

In a recent New York Times article, journalist Bill Lichtenstein tells harrowing stories about children being left in isolation and sometimes locked in restraints by teachers and school administrators. Some of these children have physical or developmental disabilities. His own child was mistreated this way almost daily for three months.

These school are often overcrowded and lack resources. Many of the children arrive highly medicated through mood-altering drugs. All of these problems add up and beg the question: does our society hate its own young?

Perhaps some of us do. Over and over again we hear stories in the news about schools using bizarre and traumatizing disciplinary measures ranging from stripping children naked and bathing them against their wills to arresting them over mildly bad conduct and leaving them with a police record at 5 years old. These measures are not only ineffective – they can require a lifetime of therapy, serious bodily harm, and permanent emotional damage for these very young victims.

In some cases, like in Mr. Lichtenstein’s story, the parents are not only not notified but it actually takes months to figure out what (or who) exactly is tormenting their child.

What should happen if your child is injured this way by his/her teachers?

Have your child see a doctor and a psychologist. Talk with your child to make sure you understand everything that happened and exactly how she’s feeling. Make sure to get advice from a therapist about how to comfort your child well and help her develop from here on out in a healthy way.

Launch a complaint with the school, the school district, and the board. Make sure every authority involved knows what happened and why you’re upset.

Then contact a personal injury attorney experienced with matters like this. They will help make sure you get the compensation you need to pay for medical or mental health needs resulting from the injury. Our personal injury attorneys in Memphis will launch an immediate investigation and go to court for your child if necessary.

Personal injury suits like this help scare schools from using this kind of detrimental behavior again. It’s a way to make sure what happened to your child is never, ever repeated.


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(Photo by Sanja Gjenero)