car accident lawyer Memphis TNChoosing a Car Accident Lawyer

If you’re looking to choose a Memphis car accident lawyer, you may have a lot of questions: How much will it cost? Who will do the best job for you? And what happens if you make a mistake and go with the wrong firm?

Here are some tips from our attorneys at Darrell Castle and Associates in Memphis, Tennessee:

What to Look For

First off, your car accident injury attorney shouldn’t charge you a thing unless they win your case for you. This is the industry standard. Avoid anyone who tells you otherwise—they may not be operating ethically.

Beyond that, you want to look for a firm that will give your case their full attention. Find an attorney with excellent reviews about client care. In our case, for example, we’ve won multiple awards from Martindale-Hubbell  for client satisfaction.

You also want to look for someone with experience. This is a problem across firms large and small: the large firms may give you an inexperienced new hire who’s still training, and the small firms may not have experience with your type of case. To help you choose, ask the attorney who would be working on your case what cases they’ve tried like yours.

Smaller Firms vs. Big Firms

In Memphis, a few big firms handle a lot of car accident cases. They advertise everywhere, and as colleagues of mine, I know they work hard.

However, there are enormous benefits to working with a smaller firm.

While the marketing may give these bigger firms name recognition, in reality they can feel more like an assembly line to some clients. As I’ve heard from my own clients who left these firms, they will get you in and get you out. They’re in a rush because they have other cases to work on—cases that may bring in more money for them than yours will.

As a result, they aren’t incentivized to give your case the time it deserves. In fact, as a smaller firm, we’ve settled big cases ($250K+) for clients the big firms turned down because their cases would be too much work.

Smaller firms with a lot of experience will be more likely to give your case the attention it deserves. Like you, they know the value of every dollar they earn for you. That’s something we take a lot of pride in here at Darrell Castle and Associates.

Why Choose Our Memphis Car Accident Firm

If you’re ready to choose a Memphis car accident lawyer, keep all of the above in mind. And remember, if you go with the wrong firm, you may get less money than you need to cover your losses from the accident.

Our attorneys have decades of experience fighting for Memphians who’ve been in car accidents. We’ve taken on the big cases and won. We’ve successfully handled major truck accidents, massive pharmaceutical companies, the biggest insurance brands, and more. And we can help you.

In addition, as a smaller firm, we take client care very seriously. We work hard to make sure you feel seen and respected by our staff. As a client of ours, you’re never just a number. We will communicate openly with you, keep you updated, and work hard for you. Unlike at some other firms, you won’t have to pester us for updates or worry your case has been lost in the pile.

Instead, you’ll get a team committed to your success and willing to fight for the money you need and deserve.

Don’t wait to get started. The conversation is totally free, no strings attached. Just give us a call at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you.

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