The opioid crisis in America is a public health crisis unlike any other we’ve seen before. As an opioid NAS lawyer Memphis TN can rely on, I’ve seen firsthand how this epidemic affects society’s most vulnerable — innocent babies who of course have never used drugs themselves.

If a mother uses opiates while pregnant, her child could be born addicted to the drug. Its very first days are spent in agonizing withdrawal because of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS). There are thousands of NAS cases right here in Tennessee, and if you believe your adopted child was exposed to opioids during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or that you suffered from NAS as in infant, our firm would like to speak with you.

We also must step back and look art the origins of the epidemic. This crisis really started because of pharmaceutical companies like Purdue Pharma, which aggressively marketed the painkiller OxyContin. Purdue executives knew about the addictive potential of the drug within a year of its introduction, but they feigned innocence for years. Even more horrifying, they deliberately shifted blame onto patients who overdosed as criticism mounted.

The City of Memphis is suing 21 drug makers over their deceptive tactics for marketing opioids.

If there’s a silver lining in this crisis, it’s that these pharmaceutical giants are finally being held accountable. Recently, Memphis became the latest city to take action. 

It has been reported that the City is suing 21 pharmaceutical companies, citing the significant uptick in prescription opioid medications due to companies’ aggressive, deceptive marketing campaigns.

For me, one of the most horrific details has been how early Purdue executives knew what their product was doing. At the 1996 launch party for OxyContin, Purdue owner Dr. Richard Sackler predicted that the drug’s release would generate a “blizzard of prescriptions” to bury all all the competition. As if that blizzard would be something rejoice in.

In the City of Memphis’ lawsuit, papers allege that Purdue — and many other companies — “was aware of the fatal risks of the opioid drug, OxyContin, and other brand-name drugs like oxycodone and hydrocodone.”


Hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable. Get justice for families affected by the opioid epidemic.

It has taken time — more time than it should have — but the deceptive pharmaceutical companies are finally being forced to pay the price for their awful deception. Still, we have to fight for justice for those still hurting from what the companies have done — especially the children who spent their first days of life in agonizing withdrawal. Call the offices of Darrell Castle & Associates to speak with a dangerous drugs lawyer Memphis, TN families trust and get legal help for your pharmaceutical injury case.

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