After being in a car accident, you will naturally take the time to assess the damages. Depending on the details surrounding the accident and level to which you were injured, filing a claim with the responsible driver’s insurance company may be in your best interest. If you have suffered damages from an accident in which the other driver was liable, it’s likely you are entitled to some sort of compensation in the form of a settlement.  Contact a car accident attorney in Atlanta, GA. 

Filing an Insurance Claim

If the driver who hit you is found liable for the injuries you have suffered, it may be in your best interest to pursue a settlement with their insurance company. In order to take action, you need to be able to prove that you have suffered damages in some way. Damages in a car accident may include:

  • Lost Wages
  • Physical Injuries
  • Property Damage
  • Medical Expenses
  • Pain and Suffering

When pursuing compensation, you may choose to engage an attorney’s services for help. They can help clearly map out strategies when negotiating with the insurance company. Following the accident you will initiate the claim by contacting the driver’s insurance company. It’s important that you only share factual information with them. Be careful how you present information to them and answer their questions, they will be looking to determine whether they can assign any fault to you. This is a primary reason to work with an attorney. They can manage these conversations with the adjuster so that you do not say anything damaging to your case.

The Role of an Insurance Adjuster

Once the claim process has been initiated, the insurance company will assign an insurance adjuster to your case. Their role within the case is to review all the evidence and information in regards to the accident and injuries you sustained. Once they have reviewed all information, the adjuster will make a determination surrounding who was at fault for the accident and whether or not they are entitled to offer you a settlement. It’s important to keep in mind that the adjuster assigned to your case will be looking out for the company they work for meaning, they will look to offer you the lowest settlement possible. This is when a skilled negotiator such as an attorney may come in handy. They can bargain with the adjuster to maximize your settlement.  

If Your Claim is Denied

It can be disheartening to hear that your insurance claim has been denied, especially when the accident was to no fault of your own.  Turning to a car accident attorney Dekalb County, GA trusts can help you to obtain the compensation you deserve. Your attorney can engage with the insurance company to attempt to procure a settlement for you. When all else fails, if your case is strong enough, your attorney may recommend that you file a lawsuit. In most cases, an attorney would not offer to represent you unless they believe that you have a strong case.  

Your attorney may be beneficial when tackling a settlement, not only are they savvy negotiators, they can advise you regarding when filing a lawsuit may be appropriate.



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