jobs are coming to memphis | bankruptcy attorneys in memphisJobs and more jobs are coming to Memphis

By: Darrell Castle

Conduit Global hosted a ribbon cutting yesterday to show off their new call center in Memphis, five months after promising to bring 1,000 new jobs to the economically struggling community.

The company has already hired 150 to 180 workers to $10 per hour jobs, which is $1 more than the $9 per hour wage they announced back in January.

The company plans to reach 600 new jobs by December, illuminating a city that has lost 5,000 jobs over the last year.

Conduit Global has a system in place in which performance bonuses can raise hourly wages to $12 per hour and supervisors will be recruited from within rather than from outside.

What’s that mean? Well, if you’re unemployed or looking for a better-paying job, at Conduit Global, if you come in and work hard, their system works for you! And transportation shouldn’t be an issue as MATA has responded to a Commercial Appeal article highlighting minimal bus routes to the area by launching a new bussing service.

As a Memphis bankruptcy attorney, I’ve seen many people struggle with debt due to an unexpected job loss – the income has stopped but the bills keep coming in. Companies like Conduit Global are coming into the city and bringing good jobs – check them out!

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