This summer, Bartlett residents might get tapped out paying for water.

The Commercial Appeal reported today that the cost of living in Bartlett is about to rise.

Try to forget that cereal is already $4.50 a box. Now it’s ice for those hot Tennessee days that might break your wallet. Bartlett’s utilities are in financial trouble, and starting July 1, those of you on the suburb’s utility system will be paying higher prices than what you’re used to.

Bartlett residents: expect to pay 42% more in water and sewer rates than you are paying now. Residents living outside of Bartlett but using Bartlett’s utility system could face even higher costs.

This news might be welcomed for some homeowners, since the hike is meant to help keep Bartlett from having to raise the property tax, but Bartlett’s administrators admit that the new rates are high and will have a negative impact on many residents. Maintaining a town’s utilities system is covered under state law in Tennessee, and so the suburb is required to comply no matter what the cost.

But what will the cost be to you? According to the Commercial Appeal, the average resident will pay $150 more per year.

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If you’re a Bartlett resident and you already have trouble paying your bills or keeping things afloat, these additional costs might be enough to push you over the edge.

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