There’s a lot of fear in the credit world right now – fear that we’ve reached a bubble much like the housing market did in 2008.

And it’s our addiction that’s gotten us there.

It didn’t look this bad a year ago. We had a lot of credit card debt – $35 billion of it, in fact – but we paid a lot of it off with tax refunds and bonuses. Then the 2nd-4th quarters hit, and that’s when the real problem started to show.

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According to a recent CardHub report, Americans truly are addicted to credit card debt:

  • We spent more on credit in each of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarters of 2015 than CardHub has seen since they started the study in 2009.
  • We ended 2015 with a $71 billion net increase in credit card debt.
  • We incurred almost as much new debt at the end of 2015 as we did during ALL OF 2014.

CardHub calls it binging – which means indulging in something to an excess, like someone might do if they’re an alcoholic or have an eating disorder.

And perhaps that’s true for you. Perhaps you feel like you can’t stop depending on credit cards because your other debts are too high. You may use credit cards in order to keep your house, your car, or your electricity.

Or perhaps you really do have a spending addiction and don’t know how to stop.

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