When you are hurt by the intentional or inattentive actions of another person, your attorney can file a demand for compensation on your behalf. A personal injury case is under the jurisdiction of and is filed in the civil courts of the American judicial system, and the awards your attorney is seeking for you are intended to make you as nearly “whole” as possible. Here are a few of the many types of damage awards you may be entitled to when you win an injury case.

Covering Lost Wages

Some injuries can cause a victim to miss time at work. Whether they lose a few hours due to medical appointments or a few weeks because of the severity of the injury, the law believes an injured party should be compensated for lost wages. If the damage causes a crippling disability, future lifetime earnings can be calculated into the settlement.

Settling a Wrongful Death

When a personal injury ends the life of another individual, the victim’s family can demand the intentional or negligent acts that caused the death should be punished. Although money will never bring the loved one back, it can help compensate for the loss of family earnings and companionship.

Grievous Punitive Damage

Punitive damages are awarded when the actions of someone are so grievous as to be considered terrible and negligent by society. These damages are not paid to make the injured party whole; instead, the money is awarded to punish the wrongdoer who got those egregious acts that caused the loss.

Relating to Medical Bills

A personal injury inflicted by another person almost always results in medical testing, office visits, and extensive treatments. The law believes the injured party should not have to shoulder the often-extensive medical costs, so the damage awards cover related medical bills.

Suffering Emotional Distress

The emotional distress someone may suffer after an injury accident can be difficult to measure, and they could result in life-long suffering. To compensate for that anguish, the courts provide compensation for psychiatric care, PTSD, or other emotional problems resulting from the damage.

Your Attorney Can Help

For some injuries, nothing can make the person whole again or provide enough money to right the wrong suffered at the hands of another individual. However, the courts do try rectifying the negligent actions of responsible individuals by providing penalties that provide monetary remunerations. The money is not meant to be a financial gain; it is intended to make the victim whole. That is why you should give a lawyer, like a personal injury lawyer from Davis & Brusca, LLC, a call if you ever experience a personal injury. Do not suffer in silence.