As a personal injury law firm in Memphis, we hear a lot about tort reform and the negative economic impact of trial lawyers. Attorneys who represent injured clients are always the butt of jokes at parties – we know because they’re some of our favorite jokes, too!

But the jokes sometimes overlook one big problem: in most cases, we’re the underdog.

How can trial attorneys be the underdog, you might ask, when everyone talks about bogus lawsuits and claims that are way too high? Aren’t we crippling the American taxpayer by bringing higher health care costs through frivolous cases?

To put it simply, no. Those bogus cases you hear about? They’re one in a million, and most get thrown out immediately.

In reality, our firm is selective in the cases we take, because it’s in our best interest only to help those victims who need and deserve compensation for their injuries. Those clients contact us because they know they’d have a long, uphill battle to climb on their own.

They – our clients – are the underdogs, and here’s one example of why:

The Washington Post just published an investigative report about the overuse of anemia drugs. An exhaustive piece, it shows over and over again the strong ties between the US government and drug companies.

Through the FDA – not to mention the NIH and CDC – the federal government aids and financially supports the very drug companies it claims to regulate.

Not only that, but drug companies receive billions upon billions of dollars each year in Medicare and Medicaid payments covered by taxpayers like us. In the case of anemia drugs, the manufacturers and distributors brought in $3 billion a year through Medicare alone!

These numbers reflect only a drop in the bucket of the money moving seamlessly between the federal government, drug companies, insurance companies, hospitals, and doctors. Who is missing from that list? Regular taxpayers and the patients who put their lives in the hands of these very rich people.

If you’re a patient taking just one pill, you’re depending on a lot of people: you’re hoping the physician has done his or her research about the medication; you’re hoping the pharmacist packaged and labelled it correctly; you’re hoping the FDA has run honest, thorough tests; and you’re hoping the drug company has taken every precaution to prevent dangerous side effects.

When those people don’t do their jobs properly, it can leave you with a lifetime of medical bills and physical pain. It can even kill you. Yet somehow the drugs still stay on the market; the federal government continues to support their manufacturers; and the people responsible receive billions of dollars in revenue.

When we defend victims of dangerous drugs, we defend the little guy. We hope to bring justice for the individuals whose lives are changed forever by a federally-supported mega-industry. If you’ve been hurt by taking a prescription drug, contact our offices to dicsuss your options with a dangerous drugs lawyer Memphis, TN families turn to and trust.

We don’t mind being the butt of jokes. But let’s not forget who’s the underdog here: It’s not one of the largest industries in the world. It’s the widow who wants justice for her family’s pain because of a few pills that took everything from her.


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