Christmas time brings gift-giving.  All retailers and manufacturers use this season to make a profit, even it means saving money by making faulty products.

When shopping for your kids this Christmas, attempting to fulfill your loved-one’s wish list, be cognizant of which toys pose a risk – risks of choking, deafening, lead poisoning, etc.

The Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) put out a list of dangerous toys in its “Trouble in Toyland” report.

The list –

Toys containing small parts


    • Princess Wand made by Greenbrier International, sold at Dollar Store for $1


Toys containing small parts with label violations


    • Bread Kit made by Greenbrier International, sold at Dollar Store for $1
    • Littlelest Pet Shop – #2744 Horse made by Hasbro, sold at Kmart for $3.99
    • Littlest Pet Shop – Candyswirl Dreams Collection #3313 made by Hasbro, sold at Walmart for $4.49
    • Littlest Pet Shop – Sunil Nevla made by Hasbro, sold at Walmart for $3.99
    • Littlest Pet Shop – Candyswirl Dreams Collection #3317, sold at Walmart for $4.49


Small Ball-Like toys, toy parts and rounded food toys posing choking hazards 


    • Gobble Gobble Guppies made by Swimways, sold at Kmart for $14.99
    • Super Play Food Set made by Geoffry LLC, sold at Toys-R-Us for $19.99


Near-small parts that may pose choking hazards


    • Fisher-Price Loving Family Outdoor Barbecue, made by Mattel, sold at Kmart for $22.99


Balloons marketed to children under 8


    • Punch balloons made by Toy Investments, Inc, sold at Toys-R-Us for $0.98


Toys and many other products can have manufacturing problems causing them to not work properly.  The result of these faulty toys can be injuries, leaving the family with medical bills, lost wages and other unforeseen damages.

“Be diligent this holiday,” said PIRG.  “There is no comprehensive list of potentially hazardous toys.  Examine toys carefully for potential dangers before you make a purchase.”

It’s unacceptable for manufacturers to cut costs by supplying dangerous products to the customers keeping their company in business.  It’s also hard to fight such big companies for the compensation you deserve.

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