personal injury lawyers in memphis | Darrell Castle & AssociatesIf you’ve heard the news about the recent Amtrak crash, which killed 8 and left nearly 200 more injured in some form, you’ve probably thought more about the transportation method than ever before. Amtrak is a major source of transportation, with an average of over 86,000 passengers riding more than 300 Amtrak trains each day.

The train, which fell off the rails near Philadelphia, was traveling from Washington D.C. to New York, and was said to have been traveling at speeds over 100mph, over twice the 50-mph speed limit for the curve.

Investigations are underway to determine if the engineer was in charge of the acceleration or not. Or was negligent in any way. If he is to be held responsible, Engineer Brandon Bostian could face serious charges for endangering the Amtrak passengers. He’s currently maintaining his innocence as the investigation is pending.

Could the Amtrak train have been traveling on unsafe rails?

Critics of railroad transportation are bringing light to the condition of the rails, which are coming under intense scrutiny for their safety:


The derailment was Amtrak’s ninth this year, according to the Federal Railroad Administration. But it’s not just Amtrak. The FRA notes, for example, there were 35 derailments nationwide on main railways in a single month, January 2014.


Incidents such as this have raised concerns that the rails aren’t adequately updated. Analysts say the stretch of track that the Amtrak train was on had been identified as “an extremely heavily used stretch of track,” although the overall condition of the track was good. In addition to the condition of the rails, new technology such as speed control systems were not in place that could have prevented this accident through an override process that slows the train in dangerous situations or curves.

As the topic of train transportation comes to light, it’s important to note that this travel method affects us right hear in the heartland. The City of New Orleans train stops in Memphis, making daily overnight journeys from New Orleans to Chicago. The stop, located at Grand Central in Downtown Memphis, is a gateway for many of our city’s travelers to reach the popular destinations. And the safety of the rails can have a direct impact on the Bluff City.

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