As the TN lawyer heading the defective shingles vaccine lawsuit, I am offering a free legal consultation to anyone injured by the Zostavax shingles vaccine.

Zostavax is a vaccine developed to prevent shingles in people aged 50 and older. It is manufactured by a company called Merck and has been widely used since 2006. But lately, the popular vaccine has been met with troubling accusations. Hundreds of people are suing Merck, alleging that Zostavax caused their shingles instead of preventing it. Tragically, some reports link Zostavax to vision loss, Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis), heart failure, and even death. This includes the people of Tennessee, which is why I’m spearheading a defective shingles vaccine lawsuit against Merck.

Merck made billions from its Zostavax vaccine.

The vaccine was initially endorsed by the FDA and marketed as a safe and effective way to prevent shingles. Shingles is a serious and painful disorder that often manifests as a rash with blisters, and can cause nerve pain for months at a time. Older people with lowered immune systems are particularly susceptible. Because of this, the vaccine was widely administered to adults over the age of fifty, with the promise of prevention.

Not only were some Zostavax recipients let down by the promise of the vaccine, their suffering may have been caused directly by it. According to complaints, Merck formulated the vaccine improperly, exposing its patients to an excessively powerful dose of the live virus.

Instead of triggering the immune system to fight against shingles, the too-powerful dose allegedly caused its recipients to develop hard-to-treat, recurring viruses instead.

This is the outrage I’m fighting against. Merck is left to count its profits while good people who were personally injured by their vaccine get nothing. It’s for this reason that I am offering a free legal consultation to anyone who received the Zostavax vaccination and developed shingles or another serious injury within six months.

You deserve compensation for your suffering.

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