What if I don’t feel pain from a car accident until afterward?

By: Darrell Castle

What if you’re injured in a car accident, but don’t feel any pain until afterward? Can that affect your personal injury case? Memphis car accident injury lawyer Darrell Castle explains.

If you don’t experience pain at the time of the accident, even if you tell the police officer investigating that you were not hurt, that’s not a dealbreaker.

Sometimes you experience pain later; sometimes you have some type of injury – a back injury for example – that really doesn’t manifest itself until later, and then you feel it’s necessary to see a doctor. That’s ok. It’s something that has to be explained, but it can be explained. Everybody’s familiar with delayed onset injuries, pain, and so forth. So just talk to your attorney about it.

And be careful – a good way to answer if you have an accident and you’re asked “were you injured?” is “I don’t think so. Right now I feel fine.” Something like that, just in case something comes up later.

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