When people ask us if they need a car accident lawyer after their crash, we don’t always say yes.

Surprised? Well, if you just have a simple fender bender with no injuries – like if the car was just a little scratched or the passengers didn’t feel any impact – you most likely don’t need a lawyer.

However, if there were injuries involved, you do need to speak with an attorney. Those injuries can add up to surprising costs for you, and a car accident attorney helps make sure those costs are covered.

Also keep in mind that serious injuries like whiplash – which can cause chronic back and neck pain or migraines – don’t always show up until a day or few days after the accident. These injuries can happen even after a low-impact fender bender, so they’re something to be aware of following a crash.

If you’ve been in a car accident and need a lawyer, contact our Memphis car accident attorneys to talk with someone about your situation for free.