workers compensation attorney TNDocumenting an On-the-Job Injury for Your Workers’ Comp Claim

If you’re injured on the job, no matter who’s at fault, you should be able to receive workers’ comp. Unfortunately, sometimes the company might deny your claim. So to prepare, you should always document a work injury.

Here’s our guide to doing exactly that, including the types of information that should be included in an injury report and how to gather supporting evidence. And if you have any questions or concerns, our Memphis workers’ comp attorneys are here to help.

Report the Injury to Your Employer

This is a must. Even if you believe your employer already knows about the injury, you need to report it officially.

Sometimes people will argue the employer saw the injury happen with their own eyes. This might be true, but you still need to file a report and have it on the record.

Your report should include the date, time, location, and nature of the injury.

Memphis personal injury lawyerSeek Medical Treatment

Obviously, you should get medical treatment for any injury. Even if you think it’s minor, you should have someone take a look.

However, in the case of workers’ comp, you need to use a medical provider approved by your insurance company. You don’t have the same normal choices you might in a different situation.

Emergencies offer an exception. This actually happened to me on the floor of a factory when I was working years ago. I injured my foot in an obvious emergency. My coworkers saw the situation, packed me up, and sent me out in an ambulance. We didn’t think about who insurance approved.

But in any situation where you’re able, work with the workers’ comp doctors your employer provides.

Keep Detailed Records

Keep a detailed record of all medical treatment and appointments related to your injury. Gather and make a file for:

  • the names of healthcare providers
  • dates of treatment, and
  • the results of any medical tests or exams.

These records will back up your claim to the insurance companies and help you in court, if needed.

workers comp lawyer memphis tnDocument the Scene of the Accident

If possible, document the scene of the accident. Take photographs or videos of any hazards or unsafe conditions that contributed to your injury.

While you shouldn’t need this kind of proof in a good workers’ comp system, it could come in handy if they fight your claim.

Get Witness Statements, If Possible

In workers’ comp, fault is irrelevant unless your employer is doing nearly criminal things to make it unsafe for you. You just have to show you were injured doing your job.

If there were any witnesses to the accident or the events leading up to it, obtain their statements and contact information.

Witness statements can help support your claim by providing additional evidence of how the injury occurred and the severity of your injuries.

darrell_castleHelp with Your Memphis Workers’ Comp Claim

Our Memphis workers’ comp attorneys help you document a work injury in order to build and strengthen your claim. We defend your case in front of the insurance companies, and we fight for you when they don’t want to pay.

What’s more, we don’t make a cent unless and until you do.

If your employer denies your workers’ comp claim, don’t wait to get the support you need. Call us today at 901-327-2100 or fill out the form on this page to speak with an experienced attorney.

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