When a Neighbor’s Dog Attacks

When a neighbor’s dog attacks someone, it sends chills through the whole community. As a Memphis dog attack lawyer, I’ve seen the effects this can have on people’s safety and trust.

1. It affects the way neighbors treat each other.

Dog attacks often happen after people have complained to the owner and to other neighbors. Having someone ignore the dangers of their own pet over and over makes everyone wonder if they can trust the person. We all want to assume our neighbors care about us and our children. Seeing someone ignore warning signs leaves everyone else with fear and suspicion.

2. It affects the community’s relationship with the police and animal services.

If you complain for weeks or months about a dangerous animal, and the authorities do nothing about it, how can you trust them to look out for your safety? Sometimes the people hired to enforce laws about animals ignore warning signs. Then, after the worst has happened, they ask you to stay vigilant. No wonder so many of my dog attack clients feel abandoned by the people meant to keep them safe.

3. It affects the way children and families use public spaces.

People who live near dangerous dogs change their behavior to stay safe. For example, they might:

  • Walk on the opposite side of the street
  • Stop using their front yard
  • Avoid their neighbors
  • Keep pets inside, and
  • Warn their children to stay away from all dogs

Memphis Dog Attack Lawyer for When a Neighbor’s Dog Attacks

It’s so tragic to see dog attacks hurt people physically and emotionally.We meet children in our office all the time who are terrified of dogs because a vicious animal hurt them or their loved one.

We help victims of dog attacks recover compensation for their loss. If you’ve been the victim of a dog attack in your neighborhood, call me today at 901-327-1212.