One common misconception about elder abuse is that it most often happens in nursing homes and other care-giving facilities.

In fact, the majority of elder abuse happens at home.

According to the 2004 Survey of Adult Protective Services, most alleged perpetrators are adult children (32.6%) or other family members (21.5%). Spouses/intimate partners account for 11.3% of the total, and friends and neighbors make up 8%.

Many cases of mistreatment towards seniors amounts to a form of domestic abuse, which may partially explain why so many cases go unreported.

When domestic elder abuse or neglect does get reported, it often happens through an observant neighbor. So one way you can always help the senior citizens in your neighborhood is to keep an eye out for them and make sure to talk or walk with them when you’re able. (Of course that’s always a nice thing to do for any reason).

Watching out for them doesn’t mean you suspect their family members of wrongdoing, either. Elders can quite often cause self-abuse, usually inadvertently.

As a law firm with a nursing home lawyer Memphis, TN has trusted for decades, we’ve seen how prevalent the elder abuse problem is. If you suspect elder abuse or neglect around you, try to visit the senior more often. Just like in a nursing home situation, their well-being depends on someone caring for them and looking out for their best interest.

If you or a senior you love has been injured by someone else’s abuse or neglect, our Memphis elder abuse lawyers can help.

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