Tax Day may fall on a different date in 2020, but the way that it’s sneaking up on us is the same as any other year.

As you probably know, the Treasury Department and the IRS officially extended the annual tax filing deadline from April 15th to July 15th due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Many of us end up procrastinating on our taxes much more than we intend to. I’m afraid that the intensity of the past few weeks will inadvertently lead many of us to fall back on our procrastination tendencies.

The sooner you file your taxes, the sooner you’ll know if you’re getting a refund. And if you are getting a refund, I would love to chat, because there’s no better use of that money than buying your financial freedom.

Three Reasons to Use Your Tax Refund to File Bankruptcy

Debt often feels like a cycle that’s impossible to break. Bankruptcy is one of few ways to stop it in its tracks—for good. No more interest fees. No more fear.

1. No more calls from debt collectors.

When you owe money, debt collectors are backed by the power of the law to come after you. Once you file bankruptcy, however, creditors can no longer contact you to collect debt.

2. No more stress.

It’s impossible to get a good night’s sleep when the unpaid bills are piling up. Recent studies have shown that the correlation between debt and mental health issues is bigger than we originally thought; those struggling with loans and debt are more than twice as likely to struggle with anxiety and depression.

3. The sky’s the limit when you’re debt-free.

There’s no limit to what you can accomplish, personally and professionally, after you’re debt-free. Throughout my 40-year career as a tax lawyer Memphis TN trusts, I’ve watched bankruptcy save homes and repair relationships. It can do the same for you. File your taxes, find out if you’re getting a refund, and then give us a call.

Talk to a tax lawyer Memphis TN trusts today

This is a tough time, but we’re here for you through all of it.

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