Somehow a new school year is already upon us. I’m not just a car accident lawyer Memphis TN trusts; I’m also a father. It’s been quite some time since my grown daughter’s elementary school days, but my memories of those early morning car rides are just as vivid as they were all those years ago.

Any parent knows how hectic it can be to get everyone ready, out the door, and where they need to be on time. We’re all rushing — students and parents, who are often dropping kids off before work. All that rushing around can take a toll. There are many accidents on the way to school, and in some cases, they can be serious. From 2006 to 2015, 301 young children died from school transportation-related accidents.

Nothing is more important than our children’s safety, so keep the following tips in mind before setting out for the first day of school.

1) Don’t rush.

Speeding plays a part in many accidents. Pack your child’s backpack and make lunch the night before to keep the mornings stress-free (as much as that’s possible). Always drive with caution. It’s truly better to be late than sorry.

2) Adjust your driving for the school season.

During the school year, drivers must take different precautions. Slow down in school zones. Additionally, anticipate students on the sidewalk who are headed to school. Before you pull out of the driver, check to see if there are any young pedestrians around you.

3) Familiarize yourself with local bus routes.

As drivers, it’s important to know the specific school bus routes. That way we know where the bus stops are, where children will be waiting, and can take extra precautions as we drive through those areas. (Plus, knowing the bus routes can help you plan an alternative route, which will come in handy on those crazy mornings when the backpack wasn’t packed the night before.)

4) Avoid distractions.

This one applies the whole year. When you’re behind the wheel, a simple distraction can be deadly. Given the extra foot traffic, it is extra important to avoid distractions near bus stops or in school zones. Remember, distractions include more than just cell phones. Changing the radio station or music on an iPhone can be dangerous for students walking nearby as well as everyone in your car.

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