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Every year in Tennessee, drunk driving causes one third of the deaths on the road and thousands of injuries. Who pays for the hospital bills, physical therapy, and long-term recovery? Who covers the cost of police investigation and the autopsy reports?

Actually, you do.

As a Memphis car accident lawyer, I see it all the time: not only are drunk drivers extremely dangerous, they’re also often uninsured.

DUI is a common repeat offense: the driver has already been pulled over or even arrested for drunk driving in the past. And insurance companies hate that, so they charge the person extra.

Unfortunately, that means many drivers with DUIs just drop their insurance.

Tennessee taxpayers bear a huge burden from drunk driving. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) estimates the state pays $1.3 billion just to cover the cost of DUI fatalities. That doesn’t even include the cost of medical care for non-fatal injuries.

Our families deserve better, and our state can’t afford to keep up with these high costs. We have to curb drunk driving, and we have to hold perpetrators responsible for their criminal actions and make them pay for the cost to all of us.

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