Legal Help After an E-Bike or E-Scooter Accident

If you’ve been injured on an electric bike, we are the e-bike and e-scooter accident lawyer Memphis has trusted for over three decades.

Since long before e-bike technology, we’ve been helping Memphians after accidents on the road. Our attorneys understand the dangers of these powerful vehicles. And we know firsthand how a single crash can impact families forever.

So here’s what you need to know about e-bike accidents, including what legal rights you might have if the worst happens.

The Dangers of E-Bikes for Children

E-bikes and other electric vehicles like scooters have risen in popularity in recent years – especially for children.

In Memphis and surrounding areas, children often use e-bikes as a form of entertainment similar to ATVs. They run easily, can travel at high speeds, and can seem like a lot of fun.

However, they’re also unfortunately a lethal threat. And they get more dangerous the younger the user.

As one family in California found out in the most tragic way possible, e-bikes can be far more dangerous for children than regular bikes. They have a tendency to start quickly, surprising young riders. And they can move at such high speeds that children lose control.

That’s why some companies have labelled certain bikes with an age requirement. The most popular brands might say they should only be used by people 16 and older. However, even those warnings sometimes appear only in tiny print, making it hard for families to understand the level of danger.

The Liability Issues for Adults

While children in particular struggle to control e-bikes, safety issues don’t just affect kids. E-bikes also create liability issues for adults.

Adult e-bikes are powerful enough to use as regular commuting tools. Many people ride them on bike trails and even city streets to get to work and school.

People compare them to bicycles, but they function similarly to motorcycles and have the same risks. And as the technology becomes more common, it creates new legal challenges. For example:

  • How can you know the speed limit if using an e-bike on a regular bike trail?
  • What happens if you lose control at high speeds and hit a pedestrian?
  • What are your obligations on major roads, where car drivers expect e-bikes to reach regular traffic speeds?
  • How much insurance coverage or licensing should be required for e-bikes, if any?

These are all relatively new questions that will only grow as e-bike technology improves. And the courts are having to catch up.

Who Is Responsible for E-Bike Accidents?

It can be a challenge to figure out who’s responsible for an e-bike accident. It’s important any e-bike riders adhere to age restrictions, traffic rules, and helmet laws. But when the worst happens, other parties may also share liability:

  • Motorists: Car drivers have to remain vigilant for e-bike riders and provide them with the same courtesy and space as bicycles. Unfortunately, just like with cyclists, many drivers don’t give space to riders or even notice them on the road.
  • Manufacturers: If your e-bike accident occurs due to a mechanical failure or manufacturing defect, the responsibility may lie with the e-bike manufacturer. For example, it’s possible for a defective e-bike to jump-start and throw riders from the saddle.
  • E-bike rental companies: If the accident involves a rented e-bike, the rental company may share responsibility – particularly if they failed to provide proper instructions or maintenance. These companies often rent out electric vehicles as a diversion to people using them for fun. So it’s all the more important they make sure their equipment works properly and that families understand the risks.

These are complicated cases, so if you’re in an e-bike accident that wasn’t your fault, you should get legal help as soon as possible.

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Our experienced personal injury lawyers are dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of e-bike accident claims. We use our in-depth knowledge of personal injury law – including the specific nuances of e-bike accidents – to guide you through the whole process.

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  • collecting evidence
  • interviewing witnesses, and
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All to build a robust case for you.

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