Earlier this month, the first settlements began to come in for pulmonary embolism injuries caused by Yaz and Yasmin contraceptives.

The court found clear causal relationship between taking Yaz and developing pulmonary embolism. Pulmonary embolism (or PE) is a sudden blockage in a lung artery usually caused by blood clotting. PE can damage the lungs, lower blood oxygen, and injure other organs in the body.

Our attorneys at Darrell Castle & Associates PLLC successfully settled one of the very first of these cases. You can call the offices of Darrell Castle & Associates to speak with a dangerous drugs lawyer Memphis, TN families trust and get legal help for your pharmaceutical injury case.

As dangerous medication attorneys, we see this success as a first step for the many women harmed by Yaz, and for their loved ones who have so lovingly supported them and demanded justice on their behalf. It inspires us to continue our fight for all of our clients who have been injured by a poorly manufactured, badly tested, or wrongly labeled drug.

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