Emotional Symptoms of Elder Abuse

As a Memphis nursing home abuse lawyer, I’ve seen emotional abuse lead to physical abuse. Some people might think emotional abuse is invisible, but certain symptoms help us notice when something goes wrong. So here are some important emotional symptoms of elder abuse:

  • Anger or fighting between the elder and caregiver
  • Drastic changes in an elder’s personality
  • Verbally abusive language used against your elder
  • Lack of permission to see your elder without the caregiver being present
  • Peculiar changes in an elder’s behavior that might look like dementia. For example, sucking your thumb, rocking back and forth, and mumbling.
  • Depression or confusion due to being left alone for long periods of time or in unfamiliar places

These symptoms may signal a much greater problem.

What to Do If You See Emotional Symptoms of Elder Abuse

If you suspect your elder has been abused in a nursing home or other care center, you should contact the authorities. Speak with the nursing home and tell them your concerns. If possible, remove your loved one from the facility immediately. And for more extreme situations, you may want to notify the police.

You should also contact an experienced Memphis elder abuse attorney. Our firm helps victims of nursing home abuse get justice and compensation after an injury.

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