Extreme Ice and Snow in Memphis – Who Is Responsible if You Slip?

Slip and fall laws in Memphis can be complicated, but extreme weather complicates everything even more.

When Memphis gets heavy snowfall, flooding, tornadoes, or one of its famously awful ice storms, what should property owners do?

In those situations, injuries come more often and can be more severe. Slip and fall accidents become a real risk for property owners, businesses, and anyone who needs to shop or take part in the local economy.

Should Property Owners Keep Their Property Safe in Extreme Weather?

In Tennessee, the answer to this question is complicated.

The law protects property owners more than it does in many other states. After an extreme weather event, owners have a significant grace period to clean up their property before being held liable for anything that happens there.

But after a reasonable amount of time, they need to take measures to make their property safe

For example, generally in Memphis, most property owners don’t have snow blowers or an easy way to clear ice from their premises. Most people understand such weather happens very rarely in Memphis. It wouldn’t always be a good use of money or space for every business to keep those kinds of tools.

That said, after a few days, you can’t keep your business open with a slab of dangerous ice right outside the entrance. That might constitute negligence.

If you’re injured in a slip and fall, the courts will consider whether the business owner acted in a reasonable way, and in a reasonable amount of time, to keep their property safe while open.

Responsibility Inside the Premises

Inside the premises, it’s a different matter entirely.

Owners need to keep floors clear of ice and rain. They should warn customers of any puddles or spills. From fallen leaves to snow, any weather-related hazards become their responsibility.

This doesn’t mean you should worry whether you have a case if you slipped and fell outside. It only means cases that occur inside are less complicated in the eyes of the law. If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall that required significant medical attention, you should contact an attorney regardless of whether it happened inside or outdoors.

Darrell Castle downtown Memphis attorneyWe Know Slip and Fall Laws in Memphis

Whether your case is simple or more complex, there are certain things you always need from any slip and fall lawyer.

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