When to File Your Memphis Disability Claim

As a Memphis SSDI attorney, I’ve helped hundreds of people get the benefits they need. But if you’re new to filing disability in Memphis, you may have a lot of questions. 

For example, I’ll sometimes hear people ask about when to file. Maybe you’re worried there’s a better time of year for the SSA to receive the claim. Or maybe you’d like to know how the holidays factor in. 

Fortunately, it’s not very complicated.

The Timing of Your Disability Claim

I like to say you should file as soon as you know your disability will keep you from working, but after preparing all the right information in advance. You want time to gather your evidence so you have the highest possible chance of being approved your first time around. 

To help with this part of the process, I’ve written a free report called An Honest Guide to Disability that outlines everything you need to know. We take you step-by-step through the application process, including:

  • whether you qualify
  • how to build your case, and
  • the top reasons people get denied

Generally speaking, the SSA is understaffed. This leads to long wait times, whatever time of year you apply. You won’t notice much difference whether you apply in winter vs. summer. Instead, just expect to wait longer than you prefer. That’s one of the many reasons you should try filing disability in Memphis as soon as you know you’ll need it.

Appealing Your Disability Claim

The appeal process is a whole different story. While it can take a very long time to hear back from the SSA, you don’t have the same luxury when deciding to appeal.

The SSA denies the majority of applications. Once they do, you have exactly 60 days to appeal. You should move quickly at this point, and you’ll want to get a lawyer.

A qualified, experienced SSDI appeals lawyer offers big advantages.

Our attorneys:

  • Help figure out any issues or holes in your initial application.
  • Move quickly so you don’t get denied for missing deadlines.
  • Take the work off of you so you can focus on getting medical help and other needs met.

The appeals process can feel extremely daunting if you go it alone. And if you lose, you’re out all that time and energy (let alone missing those benefits you need). So we strongly recommend people work with an attorney at this stage in the process. 

Filing Disability in Memphis: Get an Attorney for Your Appeal

When choosing an attorney, you want someone respected in the community with experience in SSDI. 

Our lawyers have helped secure benefits for hundreds of people in your situation. Those clients can attest: we’re committed to your financial and physical well-being, and we’ll fight for you with everything we have. 

What’s more, we don’t win a thing unless you do, so we’re tied to your success. Even then, it’s only a small fraction of your past-due payments. (That’s what the SSA owes you for all this time they’ve made you wait.) You keep every dollar moving forward.

If you’ve been denied disability and need to appeal, don’t go it alone. You only have 60 days to appeal, and that’s your one shot to get it right. So it’s important you pick someone you know and trust, and whose reputation precedes them. 

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