memphis personal injury lawyers | Darrell Castle & AssociatesFireworks are illegal within the Memphis city limits in order to prevent fireworks injuries. But I still heard neighbors shooting them off the entire 4th of July holiday weekend. They’re fun and it’s a celebration — I get it. But often, we ignite fireworks without seriously considering the dangers.

Every year, we hear about the latest firework incident. Someone locally was seriously hurt, or a house burned down. Both of these things unfortunatelly happened this year.

We fail to hear and see these stories as something that could happen to us. We think we’re invincible, and those horrible things won’t happen to us. But maybe we can learn our lesson from a star NFL player.

Fireworks Injuries Can Affect Anyone

Jason Pierre-Paul — the star defensive linemen for the New York Giants — lost his finger after a fireworks incident this past weekend.

And it may have cost him more than just a finger too. Pierre-Paul has been in contract negotiations with the Giants. And this incident may have cost him millions of dollars.

He claims he’ll be back sooner than many people think, and that’s good news for Pierre-Paul and Giants fans. But will he be able to get through and around the offensive line as effectively as he could before he lost a finger? Will he be able to make tackles as effectively without an index finger? It’s a question the Giants will have to consider. And if they don’t think he can, they may pay him accordingly.

If you’re reading this, let this serve as a lesson to the potential losses that fireworks injuries can potentially cause. Fireworks injuries can affect even the strongest, most accomplished people. Pass this lesson on to your friends and family. And especially pass it on to your children.

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