As a bankruptcy lawyer serving TN for over 30 years, I know foreclosure is one of the scariest prospects a homeowner can face. A home is so much more than four walls and a roof; it’s where meals are shared, birthdays are celebrated, and where families create lasting memories together. I understand how even just the possibility of foreclosure can send folks into a panic. No one should have to lose their home, especially because of unavoidable financial hardship that isn’t anyone’s fault.

Thankfully, foreclosure is avoidable. As a TN foreclosure lawyer I’ve helped thousands of clients keep their home with bankruptcy.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can help you avoid foreclosure

Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be a lifeline to homeowners hoping to avoid the painful process of foreclosure. But many folks try other ways to keep their homes, often seeking help from a foreclosure defense attorney first. Unfortunately, in most cases, that method does not work out very well… and that’s after clients have shelled out thousands of dollars just to try it.

There are different types of bankruptcy, but a Chapter 13 is the best option in financial situations involving foreclosure. This type of  bankruptcy is designed as a pathway to keep your property by way of a repayment plan.

If you’re facing foreclosure, here are a few reasons filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best bet to keep your home:

  • Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy immediately stops foreclosure.
  • It allows you to take your loan out of default through affordable payments spread out over time.
  • It brings instant certainty. As long as you keep making the required payments, you can rest easy knowing that your home is yours.

Explore your options with a bankruptcy lawyer TN trusts.

Filing for bankruptcy can feel daunting. But our team of experienced foreclosure TN lawyers are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us online or call (901) 327-2100 for a free consultation. We’re here to discuss your options and help you come up with a path forward that works for you and your family.

If you do decide to file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy we can set up a plan that will allow you to make small, affordable payments for 3-5 years. After that, you will be current on your mortgage.

If you’re struggling financially, know you are not alone and your home does not have to be foreclosed. Bankruptcy is a way to fight back. A way to finally achieve the peace of mind that the house your family calls home is still in your hands.