Nearby Mississippi casinos have seen a decline in revenue so far in 2012.

Perhaps these numbers show a loss of extra income to use for entertainment like gambling. Perhaps they suggest that gambling just isn’t as popular as it used to be.

But they definitely don’t reflect a lack of financial desperation that often leads people to gamble in the first place, because as we discussed last week, Memphis is still struggling with the recession and resulting job losses.

Gambling can be a big problem, especially for people without any extra money to bet. Often our clients try it as a way out of financial trouble – a sort of Hail Mary pass that might help a little in the short term, but usually ends up going terribly wrong.

Since the Tunica casinos opened in 1995, we have met many clients who are considering bankruptcy because of gambling debts. If you are in financial trouble because of gambling, bankruptcy may be a solution for you.

Contact us today and let our Memphis area bankruptcy attorneys discuss your situation with you for free and give you a better idea of your options.

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And for more information on how to stop a gambling problem, consider a Memphis meeting of Gamblers Anonymous.