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by: Darrell Castle

On Thursday, General Motors announced MORE recalls, this time in the form of 2.7 million cars, which brings the year’s recall total for GM to 11.2 million.

This recall blitz began in February when GM was accused of knowing about a faulty ignition switch problem for a decade before reporting the issue and sending a recall. In that decade, the faulty ignition switch was linked to dozens of injuries from cara accidents, including several fatalities.

Now, GM has seemingly learned its lesson and is taking no chances with any safety concern, immediately recalling cars when there’s a problem.

“Ever since the the switch crisis, GM has decided that they are going to recall everything with a problem as fast as they can,” said Joseph Phillippi, president of the consulting firm, Auto Trends.

GM’s top safety official, Jeff Boyer, chimed in as well.

“We have redoubled our efforts to expedite and resolve current reviews in process and also have identified and analyzed recent vehicle issues which require action,” said Boyer.

What’s the new recall for?

The largest portion covers approximately 2.4 million midsize cars with faulty wiring, causing the brake lights to malfunction and not illuminate, or illuminate the lights without the pedals being touched.

Though this brake light issue does possess some safety concerns, it pales in comparison to the concerns of the faulty ignition switch in which a car could completely shut off, disabling the brakes and airbags, while the car is in motion.

With that said, it’s encouraging to see GM take action against ANY safety issue so quickly.

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