Don’t want to end up like the many damaged cars in snow on your afternoon commute?

You’ve probably heard all the rules before, but since we work on car accidents all the time, and since it snowed here in Memphis, we figure everyone can probably use a refresher.

Besides getting your car and tires checked for the winter (a must if you haven’t already done it!), follow these tips for driving safely in snow and ice:


    •     Clear all the snow and ice from your car before you drive.
    •     Use your brakes carefully, leaving plenty of time to stop gently.
    •     Follow at a long distance so you have room to stop.
    •     Don’t use cruise control.
    •     Don’t turn the steering wheel suddenly.
    •     Give yourself room to get up a hill without having to stop (or avoid hills if possible).
    •     Avoid downhill driving whenever possible. If you have to drive downhill, use the brakes cautiously and try to wait until no cars are ahead of you.


All of these steps will help you stay safer but make your trip take longer. Give yourself extra time every time so that you’re never rushing in the snow. An experienced car accident lawyer Memphis, TN trusts from our firm can help you get the compensation you deserve.

If by some chance you do end up in an car accident and it’s not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our car accident injury attorneys to talk for free about your options.

Happy trails!