2016 could be the year you get a totally fresh start. And for a lot of us, it begins by dealing with a common debt: taxes.

It’s a problem too many Americans face. Perhaps you’ve had a job loss or a medical problem. Whatever the reason, when you have trouble paying your taxes one year, the debt starts building up. And it can feel like there’s no way out.

But I have some good news. I can help you get out of tax debt and move on with your life. Regardless of why you have gotten into debt, if you find yourself unable to pay for it and would like help, you should call a liquidation lawyer Memphis, TN families turn to.

Most taxes that are over three years old can be discharged completely through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. That means the debt is gone forever.

And if the tax debts are newer, they can still be added to a Chapter 13. A Chapter 13 allows you to pay the debt back over time. And it’s interest free.

Every year, we have tons of clients use the tax season as a time to get out of debt. They tell us they feel free for the first time in years.

If your resolution for 2016 is to get out of debt, there is no better time to start. And while it may feel like a difficult decision, the process is really simple.

Let us make it easy for you. Contact us today to find out how we can help you get rid of those tax debts.