As a TN teen JUUL vaping lawyer, I’m devastated by the rise of vaping among teens. This is a public health epidemic. More than three million teenagers use e-cigarettes. Dozens of young Tennesseans have suffered serious health consequences. Now, a group of California school districts have sued Juul—America’s largest e-cigarette company—for its marketing to children.

“We’re sending a message that when you create a problem and knowingly addict young children, we aren’t going to sit by [without taking action],” school board president Cynthia Pickett said to KCRA, a local NBC affiliate, in Davis, California.

The vaping epidemic is costing school districts money and time.

The school districts cited financial losses and the resources involved to respond to their students’ use. Given how easy it is to disguise e-cigarettes, prevention efforts are both time-consuming and costly. In addition to education programs, schools have had to hire staff specifically to monitor students and enforce school policy about e-cigarette use while at school.

A student support services director quoted in the KCRA article described the epidemic’s jarring onset. It carried sudden implications for preventative measures.

“It feels like it was almost overnight,” she said. “Can we get vaping detectors in our restrooms? Can we get more campus supervisors to monitor our restrooms? Can we get more vice-principal time? Because we are spending so much of their time and energy to, frankly, preserve the health of students.”

From educators to enforcers: vaping has harmed the student-teacher relationship.

Educators involved in the lawsuits say vaping has jeopardized their relationships with students. Not only does enforcing school rules take up time that would otherwise be spent bonding with kids, the patrolling has put students on the defense, even those who aren’t vaping.

Juul continues to claim innocence.

The districts and their lawyers have taken on Juul because the company’s fruit-flavored products target children. The company, however, still refuses to take responsibility. In a statement following the lawsuits, Juul said, “Our customer base is the world’s 1 billion adult smokers and we do not intend to attract underage users. To the extent these cases allege otherwise, they are without merit.”

The districts aren’t convinced. As a TN Teen JUUL vaping lawyer fighting e-cigarette companies, neither am I. These schools in California are a mere snapshot of the epidemic, which has touched every corner of our country. Juul’s products have not only harmed, but killed Tennessee’s children, and the families deserve justice.

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