Lately I’ve been hearing a lot from Darrell Castle about how expensive good elder care can be.

And the amount I care is exactly 0%.

That’s right: I don’t care that taking care of your aging mother is expensive. I don’t care that she needs regular medications. Oh, you need to put her in a nursing home, you say? Well, it had better be free.

Do I sound horrible? That’s because I am. I’m Harassment Harry – the meanest debt collector in Memphis. And I don’t care about old people, or health, or families.

I care about my money. And if you owe me money, there’s no mercy. I will call you and harass your family – including your aging mother who answers the phone. I’ll threaten her. I might even make her cry, if I’m in the mood.

What, you say? All this is illegal?

Why should I care if it’s illegal? Who’s gonna stop me?

I mean, it’s not like you’re going to contact Darrell Castle. He’s one of the few people I know who can stop guys like me from calling you. And he’s one of the worst, because he really cares about how we treat our elders. He wants to make sure you have the money to take care of your relatives.

If you contact him for a free conversation, well, then there’d really be a problem.

Not for you, of course – you’d just have the money to care for your family again. But me? I wouldn’t be allowed to torment you and your mother any more.

What a horrible thought,

Harassment Harry

Harassment Harry is a collection agent and all-around mean guy. He works for the creditors to make sure you have as miserable a day as possible. He loves threatening people, ruining dinner, and making children cry. He hates Memphis in May, the Tigers, the Grizzlies, blues music, Gibson’s Donuts, and YOU.

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