Hey there, I’m back.  Now that I took off my Grinch costume, I can finally type again.

I’m Harassment Harry for those of you who don’t know me – the collection agent who hacks into Darrell Castle & Associates’ website.

How much debt are you in right now after Christmas shopping?  Hopefully it’s up to your eye balls.

Well, now that Christmas is over, all of your holiday cheer and precious moments with your family has turned into hope that will roll over into 2014…blah, blah, blah.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Let me give you some advice – ditch them!  Especially if your resolution is to save money!  How boring is that?

You may be looking at your bank account after a week of procrastinated Christmas shopping and it’s lower than what you’re comfortable with.  You may be thinking to yourself that this can serve as a gut check to save money next year.  This leads to brainstorming tactics to save more money.

I’ve got some tactics for you – spend money!  Roll into 2014 with a brand new Lexus!  How neat is that?

Those new X-Box Ones are fancy – get three!  You need one for each bedroom in your house.

You don’t have enough on your new WalMart and Target gift cards you received for Christmas?  That’s okay, you have a credit card!  You’ll pay it back eventually, right? Or not, whatever.

Darrell Castle & Associates will tell you to start the new year spending wisely and saving money.

Don’t listen to them!  Three X-Box Ones and a brand new Lexus?  Now, that’s living.

Darrell Castle & Associates will also tell you that if you become overwhelmed with debt you can’t pay, give them a call.  They’ll tell you that a bankruptcy may be right for you and your situation and can offer you a fresh start to build your finances the right way.

Don’t do it!  Don’t call them.  Don’t let their nice charm and helpful instincts brainwash you out of your fun in 2014!

They care?  If they really cared, they would buy you a new car TV so you can play your X-Box One in your Lexus!

New Year’s Resolutions are for quitters.

Harassment Harry is a collection agent and all-around mean guy. He works for the creditors to make sure you have as miserable a day as possible. He loves threatening people, ruining dinner, and making children cry. He hates Memphis in May, the Tigers, the Grizzlies, blues music, Gibson’s Donuts, and YOU.

At Darrell Castle & Associates, we care about you and want you to be debt free with the freedom to pursue your dreams. We specialize in helping you get out of debt as quickly as possible by filing the type of bankruptcy for you and your unique situation.

We want you to know that bankruptcy is nothing to be afraid of. As a law office with a liquidation lawyer Memphis, TN turns to, we will let you know what your best options may be to resolve your debt. If you have questions or are considering bankruptcy, contact us today at (901) 327-2100. For more information, visit us online.