I’m baaaaaaack!

I’m Harassment Harry, the collection agent who hacks into the Darrell Castle & Associates website on occasion to get revenge.

I’d hack more, but I’ve been SO BUSY lately. Lots of repossessions to get through.

You know those shows on TV about people getting violent when the repo man comes to take their car? It’s disgusting – those shows never talk about all the horrible things I do. It’s hard work to be a jerk all the time!

First, my collection agency hires big dudes who’ve spent time in prison. These guys love threatening people and using bad language. Some of them carry weapons.

Next, I send them to people’s houses to take their cars without telling the police first. So when the person calls the cops to find out if it’s a repo or a theft, no one can give them the right answer!

Sometimes while these big guys are taking the car, I’ll have them say rude things or even shove the person away. We’ll tell the person they’re breaking the law, even if they aren’t. It’s all in a good day’s work, making people scared and miserable!

And don’t you dare try to fight us. My guys know how to fight back.

Is this stuff illegal, you ask? Of course it is!

Are all collection agencies like this? Of course they’re not!

I’m Harassment Harry, after all: the meanest collection agent in Memphis. But people like me are out there, and man can we ruin your day.

You want to stop guys like me from repossessing your car? Whatever you do DON’T call Darrell Castle & Associates. All they’ll do is stop the repossession, give you amazing customer service for a great price, and make you feel better about your situation.

All that happiness and worry-free living, who wants that?

Have a horrible weekend,

Harassment Harry


Harassment Harry is a collection agent and all-around mean guy. He works for the creditors to make sure you have as miserable a day as possible. He loves threatening people, ruining dinner, and making children cry. He hates Memphis in May, the Tigers, the Grizzlies, blues music, Gibson’s Donuts, and YOU.