This time of year I always get a little scared for my family and friends on the road. I know it’s a time of celebration, but as a car accident attorney in Memphis, I’ve seen what can happen when someone gets behind the wheel after a few drinks.

If you’re planning to go out for New Years, please, make sure you have a safe ride home. Whether you use a designated driver, a car share app, or cab company, you can never be too careful.

If you plan to drive (sober), please keep an eye out, and get out of danger from any car that looks unpredictable or out of control. Keep an eye on the road both behind and ahead of you. Defensive driving won’t always save victims from drunk driving, but it can certainly help.

Lastly, be careful even if you’re walking. It’s extremely dangerous to walk buzzed.

The truth is, you probably know all of this already. You don’t need me to tell you. But if someone else is irresponsible and you or a loved on gets injured in a car accident, you might need me then, and I’ll be here to help. Contact me any time.

Here’s to a safe and happy New Year, friends.

– Darrell Castle

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